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Ensuring a safe transition between €, $ and Crypto

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The safest way to bridge Euro and Dollars to Bitcoin and Ethereum is through a dedicated Non-Profit Organisation.


How can we achieve this?

Promote mass adoption of decentralised payments, services and finances by ensuring a safe transition between, $ and ₿, CeFi and DeFi, centralised and decentralised finance.

By taking away the fear of crypto and blockchain technologies in general through education and a trustworthy partner in form of this nonprofit organisation.

Our Mission

How it works

Safe semi-decentralised protocol

Safeguarded peer-to-peer transactions between fiat and crypto currencies. Crypto crypto trades are fully decentralised.

Easily exchange Fiat < > Crypto on your phone

Convenience, utility and safety united within one app. You alone hold custody over your funds.

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Thanks for your support 🙏


We are fundraising

Everything we do has to be 100% legally sound. The first expenses we will face are special legal consultation for the proper foundation of the NPO.

The by far biggest part of funds goes into the development. We are looking for 5 more smart and super devoted Developers (apply) and a couple essential tools.

1/6 of funds are reserved for marketing and gaining traction. We are looking for 2 creative and experienced Marketers (apply).

There are crucial licenses, some by third party, that we have to get in order to operate this service.

A little something might help a lot


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A small cut of funds is reserved for a potential office, supplies and other unexpected expenses.

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Call for talent

You want to help us on this mission?

We need experienced developers, creative marketers and NPO experts.

About the initiator

Kevin Gallas Mayer is an experienced entrepreneur who has launched Europe’s fair social network app, Germany’s first furniture AR app and a nonprofit science summaries project.

Let's stop this ****

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